Enjoy your vacation in a safe place

What we do to make the Hotel sanitized and safe:

  1. We only use sanitizing products. Thanks to the agreements with the company Naturdet (whose owner is a Doctor of Chemical Engineering based on ecology and sanitation) we have highly sanitizing products that give us the security of making our hotel safe from every point of view.
  2. Informed staff. The staff was promptly trained and informed on the rules to be taken to make every space in the hotel safe.
  3. Room sanitation. Attention to cleanliness has become almost obsessive, with each guest change the rooms are totally sanitized using a solution with nebulized hydrogen peroxide in order to reach every corner of the room. Of course, cleaning products sanitize from all forms of bacteria and are eco-sustainable over 90%
  4. Sanitizing gel. In every corner of the Hotel in Pietra Ligure you will find sanitizing gel dispensers to be protected in the common areas.
  5. Breakfast lunch and dinner. In order to avoid any form of contact, the guest will always be served at the same table. The buffet has not been abolished, you will approach at a safe distance indicating whatever you want. The staff, wearing masks and sanitizing themselves several times during the service, will serve all courses directly to your table.
  6. Common areas. Entrance, lift, common bathrooms, bars, etc, are sanitized and sanitized over and over again during the day, paying close attention to handles, buttons, etc ... to everything that could be a vehicle for exchange

What we ask you to make the hotel even safer

  1. Common areas – What do we ask of our customers? Few things but VERY IMPORTANT! in the common areas we ask you to always keep the mask on (corridors, lift, bar, near the buffet in the restaurant, in the hall) and keep a safety distance of 1m from other people.
  2. Malaise – for anything do not hesitate to ask for information we will be happy to put you in contact with a doctor for anything.
  3. Green Pass – due to Covid regulations, in order to stay at the hotel, you will need to show the reinforced Greenpass.